Peter’s Wish

The boy sat alone in his room for it was night and night was the time to be alone and asleep. But the boy was not asleep.

He sat in his wheeled chair and watched the stars in the sky. Nurse would come in soon and tuck him in. Until she did, he watched the stars.

They were beautiful and wild and free. He yearned for such freedom, but his cold, thin legs kept freedom forever out of his reach.

There was a time long ago when he could run and play, but a sudden accident, a cruel accident, chilled his legs. He could no longer stand or walk or run. He could only sit so still in his wheeled chair.

Those long ago days were just memories now. Bright and beautiful like the stars.

He gazed upon one especially bright star. “I wish…” He stopped and considered his words carefully. His mother had taught him long ago to beware of making wishes, for wishes so very often went wrong.

“What do I wish for?” he asked himself. Strong legs. A happy home. One friend.

Wishing for strong legs almost seemed to be too much to ask for. A happy home was impossible since his parents were both long gone. Nurse cared for him as best as she could, but she had others to care for.

“I wish I had a friend.” He regretted the words as soon as he said them. “It is but a silly wish.” he said. “For who would want to befriend someone like me?”

The star twinkled for a moment, almost like a child’s giggle, before dropping from the sky.

The boy was in the midst of a thought of it being just a meteor, when the star raced towards his window, shining oh so bright and fierce.

He backed away from the window as fast as he could until his chair bumped hard against his bed.

The star flew through the window.

“Nurse! Help me! Nurse!”

The star’s light filled the room. Beautiful, wild light.


The star landed before his chair.

The boy opened his mouth to yell yet again for his nurse, but then he saw her. A small, pale girl stood in the midst of the starlight. Her straw silk hair drifted wildly about her head.

“Who are you?”

The light around her twinkled as she smiled. “I am Luciana, the second star that makes up the Orcillian constellation.”

“Orcillian? I have never heard of such a constellation before.”

“Perhaps you have a different name for it.” She held out her hand. “Come with me, boy.”

“My name is not Boy. It’s…It’s Peter.”

“Take my hand, Peter, and I will show you many places.”

He bowed his head. “I must decline. For I am unable to walk.”

She knelt and looked into his face. “Then, we will fly.”

He looked at her face. Wild and beautiful. Gentle and kind.

Peter took her hand. It was like holding a moonbeam and soft eiderdown all at the same time. “So, then. Let’s fly.”


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