Queen Gertrude’s Letter #1

005 (2)My dear brother,

I have been burdened with too many thoughts and no true confidantes. So, I am taking it upon myself to write all of my thoughts in a series of letters. I will never have them delivered, of course. The words and subjects I intend to write are not meant to be seen by anyone else. No, not even you, my dear brother. Yet, I must write.

Life in the castle is not as bad as we both had feared. My husband the King is just and kind and loving. I have no complaints of him.

His brother, however…Oh, how I loathe the man. He is everything my husband the King is not. Yet, despite my loathing, I can’t help but be intrigued by him. Why is he so different from his brother, my husband the King? They came from the same two parents and were raised with the same care and love. What could have happened in his life to form his character so?

I’ve asked my husband the King that exact question. He only shrugged and told me that he ever was that way with never a reason for it.

I hope that he will visit the castle no more than is deemed necessary. I do not care for my husband the King’s brother.

Yet, I hope he will come again.

Your sister the Queen






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