Queen Gertrude’s Letter #2

006My dear brother,

It has been too many months since my last undelivered missive. I regret it with utmost sincerity.

Oh, but if only I could have these letters delivered to you! For I have wonderful news. I am with child. My husband the King is utterly beside himself, trying to keep me safe enough and warm enough. He does not want me to do anything that will endanger my life or the life of our unborn child.

His brother was present when we made the general proclamation. I did not care for the way he gazed at me. It was not right. I wanted to go down into the crowd and tell him so. Alas! One must keep up appearances. As Queen of this land, I will keep up appearances.

He left too soon. I would have told him to stay just a while longer.

I do not understand why.

Your sister the Queen




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