Queen Gertrude’s Letter #5


Dear brother,

If only you were here, if only you could hold me in your arms and speak words of peace and comfort.

I fear for my husband the King’s life.

I should not say more than that. What I have written is enough.

It is not enough.

Words pound and ram throughout my thoughts. My head hurts. I need to speak. Yet, I must not say a word to anyone.

I can tell you, though. Oh, dear brother! I am glad that I have not sent these letters to you. You will remain innocent even if I fall.

I fear for my husband the King’s life. His brother wants to murder him. Oh, he did not phrase it so coldly. He made it sound wonderful and exciting. He made it sound desirable.

Yet, to murder him! No. I told him I could never condone such a crime.

Oh, how my heart pounded as I spoke!

Disappointment grew into anger in his expression. Only to all disappear. He smiled and told me to think no more of such depravities.

He kissed me and left.

Yet, I cannot stop thinking of his words. What if he decides to do it? What if he kills my husband the King?

What will I do?

Your sister the Queen



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