Letters To Euturpe – Music of The Night


“Night time sharpens and heightens each sensation. Darkness stirs and wakes imagination.”  The moon smiled. “And you can’t argue with that.”

The sun smiled back. “Oh, yes I can. And easily. The stirring and awakening of imagination belongs to the realm of day.”

His smile fell. “Oh, really? And what is night supposed to do?” He thought it over. “Can night at least do the sharpening and heightening of sensations?”

“No. Night time is just supposed to be as it is. A period of darkness before I rise.”

“Well. That doesn’t sound very poetic or thrilling.”

“It is as it is. I fill the skies with my light. When I go to sleep, I take my light with me and darkness takes my place. It’s all very simple.”

“And dull.”


The moon smiled again. “In that case, I will say that night time is the right time to be dreaming of you. You can’t argue with that.”

“No, I can’t.”









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