A Thin Comfort

023I had my orders and I had to follow them through. Personal feelings did not matter. Getting the job done and leaving on time – that was all that mattered.

I sat in between the newly married couple. She tsked and he scowled. They wanted to snuggle and hug and kiss and heaven only knows what else and I was in their way. But I had a job to do. So, I did it.

I left them and sat next to a greasy haired teenager with a broken iPhone. He held out his phone to me and asked if I knew how to fix it. I never did answer his question.

Then,  I sat next to a woman. She sat alone with a baby cradled in her arms. She looked at that baby as if it were her only treasure and her greatest joy. I knew her. I knew her history. I knew why she was all alone.

I knew which one I had to take.

I whispered an apology to the young mother as the baby closed its eyes.

She looked up at me. “Take me with you.”

I shook my head and tried to leave.

She grabbed my cloak. And fell.

I held her pearlized soul in my hands. She was not on my list. I was supposed to leave her alone.

I lowered her soul to her body, but she clung tight to my hands.

I held her to my mouth and whispered, “This is not meant to be. Not now. Not yet. You have much yet to do. When the time is right, I will come for you.”

She held on for a few more minutes before falling like a tear back into her body.

I wanted to stay and speak comfort to her, but I had to complete my mission before the plane landed.

So, I did the kindest thing I could do. I touched the baby’s face and left peace’s gentle glow behind. It would only be a thin comfort to this woman.

Yet, it would be a comfort all the same.



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