Caught! Ha-ha!


Whenever it’s really hot out over here, we get a good sized swarm of dragonflies in our yard/driveway. It’s both kind of cool and intimidating. I’d love to take a picture of them flying around, but they move too erratically for me to properly focus my camera on them.

However! I managed to catch this guy resting his wings for a spell. He just sat there as I paparazzied in his face.

It’s kind of a funny thing. Dragonflies are pretty big insects. I mean, like a lot bigger than your usual flying insect. So, I should theoretically be creeped out by them, especially when they’re swarming. If they liked to sting/bite people, you bet I’d be creeped out by them. Creeped out and then some.  (Fortunately, they prefer to eat other bugs.)

But I’m just amazed by them – by the way they look and by the way they move. Their wings look like the sheerest kind of plastic, but they are strong enough to support the dragonfly’s weight in flight. They can move so fast and so erratically. (Again, this should probably creep me out, but it doesn’t. Maybe I’m just weird.)

I looked  up dragonflies on Wikipedia (just out of curiosity) and found out a lot of interesting information about them. I could tell you all about it here, but I’ll just give you the link so you can read it at your leisure:


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