Writing about Why I Write

Lisa Lancaster wrote an interesting post about writing https://lisalancaster.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/am-i-missing-something-are-you/     and it got me thinking about stuff.

Why do I write stories?

It’s a good question.

In the big, grand literary scheme of things, my stories are fluff. They won’t change the way that our world turns. They won’t convince bad people to become good. They probably won’t even win any literary awards.

But still I write.


I write:

Because I have characters in my mind pestering me to get back to writing their stories.

Because it is a release from all of the crazy stuff that happens at work.

Because I feel that weird itch to write (usually when I am in no position to do any writing – usually at work, sometimes at church).

Because it is just plain fun. Sometimes it’s like play. Other times it’s like acting.

Sometimes it is easy and I can’t move my pen fast enough. Other times it’s not so easy and the words don’t come. Or they come out in long blah blah blah sentences of blandness. But I still write on.



2 thoughts on “Writing about Why I Write

  1. I’m so glad it made you think so much you wrote this wonderful post! My day is made! Got to love the easy days, right?! I love the weird itch to write. It is like something under your skin that flows out with the pen. I totally get that!

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