The Last Act

004I have created the world and everything above it and below it. There is light and there is life and there is beauty. Everything is perfect from the smallest chaffinch to the brightest angel. I consider my creation and I am happy. I am content. But my creation is not complete.

Today I will perform the last act of creation. I already know that it will break my heart.

I will create man.

One man. One woman. I will give them every perfection in both mind and body. Their spirits will be like me: bright, pure, and immortal. They will be innocent. They will never know shame or fear, sorrow or pain, loss or death. And their children will inherit this beautiful world that I have created for them. It will be their delight and their playground.

And I will love them all. Their faces. Their spirits. Their hearts. I will walk with them and I will speak with them. My precious ones. Oh, how I will love them. There is nothing upon this Earth that I would not give to them.

I will want them to love me too. And they will. They will see me as I am and, of their own free choice, they will love me.

They will never sicken. And they will never die. When their time comes to leave this Earth, I will come and lead them home to live in mansions of light and diamonds. And they will live in peace and joy that none shall ever steal from them.

My heart breaks with the knowledge that the day of sorrow will come. Though I would give them Heaven itself if they asked for it, they will turn away from me. They will choose the darkness and the death.

I will send them away from my face. Everything in the world will turn against them. The animals that they loved so dear will hurt them and hunt them and kill them. They will feel cold and sick in the winter. The summer’s heat will fatigue them. Everything that they want will be a chore to acquire. They will feel so lost and abandoned.

Their sorrow and pains will not gladden me. It will bring sorrow to my heart. For I would will that they remain innocent. But they will choose knowledge and taste its bitterness.

My dear ones! My precious ones! I will not abandon you. Even when the night is darkest, I will be nearby to help you when you call to me.

And, know this: the day of joy will come. I will come to you to right the wrong that you have committed. You will see me and you will know me not, but I will know you. My dear ones. My precious ones. I will open the gates to my home, so that you will love me again.

And those that love me will come home to me.


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