Daily Post – Partners


Yesterday, my sister and I went up to Mackinac Island with the two dogs. We took the ferry to get up there, which was an interesting experience. My dogs had never been on any kind of boat before. So, I had no idea how they would react to the boat’s movement and such. Turns out they did a whole lot better than I’d expected. Neither of them threw up or panicked or tried to jump over the railing.  Only thing was we were sitting in the open area. So, Jackie got a little too warm. He kept ducking under the bench.  As soon as we landed, my sister walked them over to a shallow part of the water away from the boats and let them do a little bit of swimming to get them to cool down.

Over by the path leading up to the fort, there’s a big lawn area with the Father Marquette statue standing on a stone pedestal. That stone pedestal area was just sitting there, begging for people to take pictures. So, my sister and I decided, “Ehh. Why not? Let’s take pictures!”

(The yellow/tan purse is my sister’s camera bag and the short pink thing with the cats all over it is my camera bag.)



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