Writing About Killing…My Darlings

I was working on a fight scene in the next part of my Ambrose and Elsie story (on my ambroseandelsie.wordpress.com  account). It was going well. Elsie stabbed Ambrose with a special kind of stake that I had her use in one of the earlier parts of the story. I was happy with that. Lovely callback and all that. Everything was awesome.

Well. No. Not that awesome. I needed him to escape. Okay, fine. But this special kind of stake is designed to put him in a fuzzy-headed euphoric state. I tried to work around it. It wasn’t too bad. There was a lot that I really liked about it. A whole lot of surreal descriptions that made me happy.

Then, I realized something: If he tried to escape while under the influence, he’d be tripping over furniture and bumping into walls and it just wasn’t going to work. He would get staked before he made it to the stairs.

So, even though I really wanted to keep that part, even though it was all one hundred percent darlings, I had to kill the whole thing off.  😦

But I saved it in a separate file. So, if I need to use that part later in the story, I can go back and pull it out of hibernation.

So, actually…Everything is awesome. 😀



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