Writing About Peace, Love, and Magical Butterflies…Or Not?

Lisa Lancaster wrote an interesting post about characters and why they shouldn’t be non-stop barrel rolls of happiness.  https://lisalancaster.wordpress.com/2016/06/30/writers-what-a-bunch-of-jerks/

Well. I was going to comment on it, but my comment became a bit too long. So, I decided to drag it over here.  🙂

It would be an interesting challenge to write a story where nothing  goes wrong, no one gets angry or even sweaty and there’s peace, love, and sunflowers everywhere , no wants, no needs – and it is not taking place in heaven. Oh, and don’t forget, no one comes to disrupt the status quo and there are no malcontents. It’s just plain Utopia from beginning to end.

I assume the title would be something like “The Book of Happiness” or something like that. As for what the actual story would be…I have no idea. My mind’s too boggled by the concept of a story full of unconflicted characters. How would you be able to sustain a story like that and keep it interesting for the reader and the writer?  How would you be able to end it if nothing changes in the story? What would the characters even do in the story?   Would they just sit around and discuss the fineness of the weather, drink tea, and eat English scones?    😦     <- See? That emoji is my mind being boggled.

I’m almost tempted to give it a try, but I know that one of my characters would snap and punch someone before chapter five. Probably would start an all-out brawl.  😆  (My main characters tend to have ummm…temperament issues.)


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