Daily Post – Unstoppable

lucky 029.JPG

This is my cat, Lucky. He can be an unstoppable force of nature.

Case in point: the above picture. He knows that he isn’t supposed to jump on the dresser. So, when he wants me to get off my computer and feed him, he will walk to the opposite end of my bed and jump on the dresser. Then, I have to get up and tell him to hop off. He’ll hop off all right. But if I go back to my computer, he’ll just jump up there again.

Also, when we first got him, I worried about him going outside and getting lost or eaten or something. So, I tried to keep him inside 24/7.

An Awesome Beast And A Lucky Cat.JPG

Yeah. That didn’t work out so well. He’d tuck himself under the dogs and sneak out with them. Finally, I decided on a compromise. I’d let him have his outside fun (usually for about an hour, depending on the weather) and let him in.


That arrangement has worked out quite nicely. As long as I give him his treats/canned food when he comes in. Otherwise…

lucky 026

…he’s up on the dresser again.



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