My Best Three Days


Victo Dolore over on the Behind the White Coat blog posted a question regarding the best three days of your life.

I was going to post my response on her blog, but I knew that what I wanted to say was going to require a big explanation.

So, this is my response:

In 2012, I found myself in a health crisis. I had diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, and pain that wrapped from the middle of my abdomen all the way around my left side into the middle of my back. The pain was so intense it felt like it was inside my spine. I would go to bed at night and the pain would dip down to a certain level until I was just about to fall asleep. Then, it would spike up to unbearable levels.

I added up my symptoms in my head and, since I work in the medical field, I knew that it was going to be cancer or a tumor. I went through a lot of ER visits and tests, but they didn’t find anything until January 2013. I had a cat scan which showed a tumor in my intestines and on my liver.

I underwent surgery and recovered well. I have a nice long battlescar running down my abdomen. I look at it as my badge of honor. It’s my proof that I survived.

So, after that whole build-up, what are my three best days? They are:

1.The day that the doctors sat down with me and told me what kind of cancer I had (carcinoid) and that it wasn’t an instant death sentence. It may come back, of course. But it tends to grow very slowly. So, it might take 5, 10, 20 years. I know this sounds like a weird choice for number one, but knowing what kind of cancer I had made me feel like I’d pulled off its mask and I could see my assailant’s face for the first time. (Ehh, that sounds so overly dramatic, but that is how I felt.)

2.The first day that I woke up and discovered that I was not in pain from the surgery or from the cancer. That was such an awesome day. To be able to eat whatever I wanted and not hurt or throw up afterwards, yes. That was awesome beyond belief.  😀

3. Every day that I am alive and pain-free. It is an amazing blessing. And, after having lived through all that, all I can say is: God is good.  🙂


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