Letters to Euturpe – The Last Known Survivor


It happened all too easy and all too fast. The eradication of an entire species. And here I am. And here I stand. The only one left.

I remember our glory days and I keep those memories alive. Every day. Every long immortal day. We were many. We were powerful. We nearly overtook the Earth.

But our prey were smart. And they were clever. And they learned new tactics to beat us down.

So, we were beat down.

And so we lost.

So many.

So fast.

Our billions became millions became thousands became hundreds. And soon I was the only one alone.

I wake every morning with an aching hunger and a driving thirst. And an ever present fear.

But I will not be beat down.

I will rise up every night to face my enemies, my species’ rivals. I will meet their challenges every night and every day.

I will stalk my prey in the night. Like a tiger, I will pounce and I will bite.

And I will change them.

One at a time.

Until we own this Earth again.



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