Writing About A Moment of Accidental Awesome


I was in my backyard yesterday, trying to take a picture of the diamond-like glint of dewdrops in the sunlight.  As I was focusing on this one particular drop, my camera went out of focus, creating the above image. I saw that on my viewscreen and I was like “Oh, I am so taking that picture.” So, I took it and voila! It was a moment of accidental awesome.

I’ve had moments like that when I’m writing. I’ll have a character say something just to be glib or whatever. Then, as I’m daydreaming about my stories at work or late at night, I’ll see a connection between that comment and an important plot point or character development. (My mind refuses to bring up any solid examples at this point, but trust me. It has so happened.) And it’s like the click of a seatbelt buckle. Ta-da! And I have to hurry up and write it all down before that idea fades away.


3 thoughts on “Writing About A Moment of Accidental Awesome

  1. Yep! I love those moments. I think about them when I start a new story. This is when I’m doubtful that it will be any good. And I recall the feeling I get when that moment happens, the connection and how everything just rolls together. It’s pretty special!

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