Writing about…Eeep!



I might be more than a little nuts.



Very likely.

I’ve gone and started another blog.

Yeah. Another blog. So, now I have three blogs.   🙂     <-  This is my frozen smile of what have I gotten myself into.

But all three blogs are something that I wanted to do.  Cosistories is my all around grab bag of crazy random. Ambroseandelsie is for my Ambrose and Elsie stories. And this new one, onceuponasundaymorn.wordpress.com , is completely different. It’s going to be religious fiction that I’m going to post every Sunday.

Sooo, yeah.

I’m just a little nuts.



2 thoughts on “Writing about…Eeep!

  1. 😆 Thanks!

    You should have seen me: There I was in church, minding my own churchy business. Then, this idea for the third blog popped into my head and I just wanted to rush home and start getting it all set up.


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