Writing about…What Am I Listening To??


I was typing a post on my ambroseandelsie blog and I had random music playing on Youtube. Nice peaceful stuff: The Beatles’ singing Love Love Me Do, John Denver and Placido Domingo singing Perhaps Love. Then, it autoplayed Cat Stevens singing Moonshadow. It’s a nice sounding song, but I was only half listening to it.

Suddenly, I heard him sing “And if ever I lose my legs…” And I was officially confused. I was like “Huh?? What am I listening to?” I flipped over to the Youtube screen and read the lyrics, which are just like that. “If ever I lose my hands…If ever I lose my eyes…If ever I lose my legs…If ever I lose my mouth…teeth…” I kind of get the message he’s trying to convey, but yeah. It just isn’t the sort of thing you expect to hear in a song.

I will say one thing in its favor: It is a very catchy melody and *shrugs* I really like his voice. Wait. I said one thing and that’s two.

Oh, well.


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