Writing about Certain Phrases


There are certain phrases that just make me smile. And here are three of them (along with a semi-reasonable explanation about why they amuse me so much):

Epic Fail – I imagine this as a failure so big an orchestra appears out of nowhere and plays epic music to accompany the failure. Drums. Gongs. Cymbals.  At least five cathedral-sized pipe organs. And there’s a choir singing awesome, fierce music.   It’s just so awesome. And epic.

Microphone Drop – It’s just so bad attitude. It’s in your face, “I’ve made my point. Ain’t interested in feedback. Bye, losers.”

Jazz Hands – This one is funny to me because of the actual visual – holding your hands in front of your face, shaking them, and saying, “Yeah. Jazz Hands.”

There are other phrases, but it’s those three up there that get me every time.


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