Writing About…Having Fun


Sometimes when I’m working on a story, my characters will just grab the reins and take over. They will say and do things that make me laugh out loud or cringe.

In one of my off-line stories, my MC, Andrew Barnes, is trying to convince the Princess to let him be her hero. Of course, she doesn’t want him to be her hero. She’d rather choose someone respectable from the local Heroes Guild. In the course of the conversation, he sits on her desk and this conversation takes place:

“Get off of my desk.”

 Andrew grinned. “You don’t like me sitting here, do you?”

 “Of course, I don’t. It’s rude and disgusting. Please get off.”

“Nah.” He sprawled out on the desk, knocking her stack of papers and two polished crystal paperweights onto the floor.

“Oh! What do you think you’re doing? Get off at once!”

“I’ll get off as soon as you tell me where we’re going.”

“I’ll do no such thing.”

 “Too bad.” He tucked his hands under his head.

“Oh, you’re awful!” She bent over and picked up the papers. Why couldn’t a more genteel hero have found my advertisement? Why did a lout like him have to steal it?

“Ahh.” he sighed. “This is the life. Lying on a nice, firm desk in a beautifully decorated room without a single thing to do.” He leaned over and looked down at her. “Hey, I don’t want to get a stiff neck or a sore back. Tell your servants to bring up a bunch of pillows. Oh! While they’re at it, have them bring a plate of grapes, some bread, a nice chunk of meat, and a cup of your best wine. Better! Tell them to bring the whole bottle. That would be perfect.”

I wasn’t planning for him to do any of that. It took me by surprise and cracked me up because it felt so right for him. It was also a lot of fun to write.


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