Writing about….Motherhood


My baby sister is going to have her first baby on November 25 (if not sooner than that).  So, this post is for her and all of the other mothers out there.

Motherhood is not just a one time event. It is not just one push and you’re done.


It is toothaches and bellyaches and fevers of unknown origin.

It’s late night Saturday night runs to the ER.

It’s stitches and scraped knees.

It’s lessons to be taught and lessons to be learned.

It’s both pride and humility.

It’s frustration and almost always saying, “No!” and “Don’t put that in your mouth. You don’t know where it’s been.”

It’s sounding like your own mother word for word.

It’s prayers and tears when they are sick.

It’s craziness and exhaustion when they are well.

It’s wonder at the small things of life.

It’s a new hello and so many new good-byes.

It is both joy and sorrow.

It is love to be taught and to be shared.



2 thoughts on “Writing about….Motherhood

  1. Motherhood is one journey you can never be prepared for; not from a book, not from stories others tell you, not from watching…it is an experience and one of the toughest, most wonderful, and insane journeys there is! 😉 Congrats to your sister!!

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