Writing About…The New President

I generally don’t get political on my blog, but the words for this post started to percolate in my head. So, I figured I’d go and write them down.   🙂

So, Donald Trump is our new president. It’s just a little surreal. Who would have guessed when he announced that he was running that he would be the one to break through the finish line?

And so now it begins. For better or worse.

Throughout his presidency, he will say and do the wrong things. He will say and do what is right. He will make good political choices. He will make political blunders that will make even his staunchest supporters face-palm.

He will have battles with Congress. Some he will win. Some he will lose. Some he will be forced to concede.

He will face our enemies and make the hard choices. The media will agree with some. The media will hate the rest.

Some of his campaign promises he will hold strong to. Others he will have to reluctantly let fly.

Will he be a good president?

Will he be the worst possible thing for America?

At the end of four years, will we be wishing that someone else had won? It is easy enough for people who did not vote for him to snap out a fast “Yes.”

But time will tell.

May God be with him throughout these next four years. For being the President of the United States is not an easy job.

May God guide him right.

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