Daily Prompt: Percolate


I make myself a cup of coffee, hoping to find inspiration.

The coffee percolates and it fills my cup.

But it isn’t any good.

I make a new cup in an old mug.

It still isn’t any good. I’m wondering if it’s the coffee to blame or the machine. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Too much water, perhaps? Not enough coffee grounds, maybe?

I make a third cup and it completes the tragedy.



Hard to drink.

But I drink through the bitterness in the search for inspiration. Maybe there’s a story hidden at the bottom or half-way through. Maybe I will find a hero’s quest or a queen’s long lost crown.

It is horrible stuff to drink.

I try so hard to push my way through.

I make it through five sips and I must surrender.

Maybe it isn’t the coffee that’s wrong.

Maybe it isn’t the machine that’s all bad.

Maybe I just don’t like espresso coffee.


I’ll switch to hot chocolate.

Maybe my inspiration lies within there.

via Daily Prompt: Percolate


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