Writing About….My Happy Place Music

I’ll just start off by saying I love the soundtrack to Jurassic World. It ranks up there with the first Jurassic Park soundtrack. It’s so big and epic and so “Yeah. I’m a big boss movie soundtrack. You’re gonna have to turn your car volume down, because I’m gonna blow out your speakers.”

I’m especially in love with the new theme introduced in the fourth track “As The Jurassic World Turns”. I love how the part before it has all of these trumpets going and its all so busy sounding. Then, it mellows into this sweeping choral theme.

From 0:42 – 1.48, just pure happiness.

Then, there’s The Time Machine 2002 movie soundtrack. This one kind of confuses me. I love it to repetitious listening bits, but I get this feeling that it belongs in a different movie. One that’s somehow bigger and more epic.  Yes. More epic than time travel. Maybe one that involves boats and pirates??

Maybe it’s just me.

But darn! I love its epic little heart.

There are many other soundtracks that make me go into a happy mental place. (I’m looking at you The Village soundtrack). But those two up there are definitely my top two. Easy.


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