Opportunity For A Free Meal…DENIED!

“I’m saying it’s a bad idea.”




“Bad as in the opposite of good idea.”

“But look at it! It’s a house made out of candy.”

“Hard candy, yeah. Have you forgotten that I hate hard candy? Because I sure haven’t forgotten.”

“You’re being such a stick in the mud. Look. We’re hungry. This is a house. A HOUSE made out of sugary goodness. How can we turn down this opportunity for a free meal?”

“Easy. Think about it, Hans. It’s candy. Candy is sugar. Sugar attracts ants and bees and an ungodly amount of sugar loving insects.”


“So, I’m saying that house is probably secretly riddled with bugs.”

He gave the house a mournful look. “But it’s candy.”

She grabbed him by his collar. “Come on.”


She physically dragged her brother down the swirled butterscotch and cinnamon disc candy path and back into the woods.


The witch came out of her house and scowled. “Some kids are just too hard to impress.” She turned and contemplated her house. “Hmm. I guess it could use a small update.” She snapped her fingers.

The candied cottage turned into a magnificent castle made entirely out of chocolate and marshmallows.

She nodded. “That should do it.”

She went back into her house and picked up her knitting. “Any second now, some hungry little urchin will come scritch scritch scratching at my castle door.” She smiled, baring a mouth full of narrow, sharp teeth. “Any second now.”


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