Writing About…A Shocking Thought

There I was at work today, getting ready to leave. I was thinking about working on my off-line story – a fantasy story about a Prince trying to beat the odds to rescue his bodyguard. (That’s the two-second summary of it.) I’ve been neglecting the poor thing in favor of other stories. And I’ve been getting the persistent feeling of “I want to work on it”.

Then, a thought, a shocking, mind-imploding thought, occurred to me. What if I made the Prince a Princess? There are some scenes where I swear he sounds more like a Princess anyway. But if I changed his gender, that would be the first falling domino. I would have to change one thing after the other.

I’d have to change his name from Daniel to…?? I don’t want to be obvious and call him Daniela, but I’m so used to him being Daniel. Hm. It’s something I’d have to think about.

I’d have to decide if she’s wearing some sort of dress or shirt/slacks combo. If she’s wearing a dress, what kind of dress is it? Could it be a slacks/ dress combo? At this point, who knows? I do know that whichever I choose will impact the story in both large and small ways.

I’d have to change certain scenes and reactions. In some ways, I’d be writing it all over from scratch.

But it’s so tempting.

Maybe I’ll wait till I get to the end and then give it a try over. It could be interesting.

And it’s so tempting.


3 thoughts on “Writing About…A Shocking Thought

  1. Oh I so know how you feel. In the middle of doing that myself with my screenplay. I just changed my heroine’s “love interest” into a long lost brother, so everything else has to change on how they interact. LOL

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