Daily Prompt: Shine

I had to memorize the word shine. I was very disappointed. I was hoping for a big delicious word like hypochondriac or leukoblastoma or gee. I don’t know. At the very least, barbeque. At least, that would have been an interesting word.

But no.

I got stuck with the sore thumb that nobody wants word: Shine.


S. H. I. N. E.   Five letters – two vowels, three consonants.



Most unexciting word ever.

Shine – To glow or be bright with reflected light. To direct a flashlight or other form of light in a particular direction. To be talented or perform well at something. To make an object of wood, metal, or wood bright by rubbing it with polish. To be bright with a particular emotion.


Tra-la. Ha. More like Nuh-uh.

I’m supposed to discover one amazing fact about this word and do a whole big presentation about this one stupid word in class – complete with posters and flash cards and one demonstration on the computer.


I’m going to fail.

If I were unambitious enough, I’d fail on purpose. But that isn’t me. I don’t like failing.

So, I will read up on this stupid word. Sh. I. Ne. I will make my posters and flash cards and who knows what on the computer.

So, if I fail, it will be the most spectacularly unintended failure ever.

I might even get an A.




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