Daily Prompt: What Is Usually Unseen

It was Halloween night and the angel sat on the street corner all alone.

Crowds of costumed kids and their parental retinue walked past her. Each child had an angel at their side, guiding them, protecting them.

The angel on the street corner did not have a child.

She had one before.


Dark hair. Clouded blue eyes. Lovely gentle soul.

Lived all of one day and half a night.

The angel should have gone home to Heaven. She had guided that small soul to God’s home of peace and glory. Her earthly mission was complete.

Yet, she lingered and she couldn’t understand why.

She sat on the street corner and lost herself deep in her thoughts.

A little girl hobbled by. Her ghost costume did a good job hiding her leg braces, but her stuttered gait attracted a black-eyed hoodlum dressed as a pirate. He strutted over to her.

The angel could see his wicked intentions. They were black steam rising off his body, twirling around his throat, binding his wrists. His angel stood a long distance away, her beautiful face wrecked with sorrow and pain.

The little girl was alone. Her parents had wandered off to talk to other parents.

Her angel saw the boy coming and pulled out her sword. She was ready.

“Hey, slowpoke.” He stopped in front of the little girl. “Aww, look. It’s a cripple.”

“Please leave me alone.”

He laughed, a hard, coarse laugh. “Why don’t you make me?” He reached for her.

The angel on the corner didn’t wait for the other angels to make their move. She flew at him with the speed of a thought and the violence of a scream. She stabbed his heart with her flaming sword.

His eyes widened in shock and fear as he saw her pull the sword out of his chest. He saw all of them. “What? What?”

He saw his angel’s anguished face and he knew the reasons for her sorrow. He dropped to his knees and sat there, unable to speak, unable to defend himself.

The little girl’s parents came back to her. “Kelly! ” They swooped down to hug her. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, that pretty lady with a sword saved me.”

The boy’s angel helped him up and spoke gentle words of admonishment to him. Tears ran down his face as he let her guide him away.

The childless angel looked at Kelly’s angel and shared a smile. She was finally ready to go home.


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