Daily Prompt: Replacement

“It must be so hard on you.”

“Not really.”

“To have to live up to the memory of someone like her. How do you even get up in the morning? I’d just want to curl up in my bed and stay there until someone recognizes me as Me not Her.”

I sighed. “You know it isn’t up to us. We must keep the Loved One alive. That means doing everything that she would do, saying everything that she would say, being just Her. Not me. Never, ever just Me.”

My fellow clone chin-propped on the metal fence separating us. “When will they come for me?”

“The usual. After I’m gone. Then, it will be your turn.”

“And after that someone else’s turn in an endless cycle of turns never ending. It isn’t natural, Rose Marie Stein #347. Someone has to make the endless cycle end.”

I shook my head. “It won’t be me.”

“Why not? You can’t be happy living someone else’s life, being someone’s death-defying fantasy.”

“You’re wrong.” I smiled. “I am happy. I will continue the cycle and so will you and so will the next one after you. Rose Marie Stein will never die.”




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