Happy Ness

Those men came by again today.

Floated right past me.

I thought about raising my head and saying hello, but I’ve had bad reactions to that in the past. I’ll just keep myself down low.

Sometimes those men jump into the water with their bright flashlights. They turn their lights left, right, and so on through the murky water.

I’ve learned to avoid their light.

Those men came by today and sat their in their rowboat. They were trying real hard to convince me that they were just fishing and not looking for me.

Silly men.

I know their plots and plans.

After living near them and avoiding them for ninety-five years, I certainly know their plots and plans.

Those men left and no one else is coming to my loch.

The day is all mine to swim, to frolic, to explore.

Those men will certainly return tomorrow, but not today.

Today is all mine.


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