Writing About…Titles?

I realized something truly awful the other day.

For my ongoing story on ambroseandelsie.wordpress.com , I’ve always thought of it as my Ambrose and Elsie story.

I’ve never actually given that whole story its own proper name.

😦    😦   😦   😦

Honestly, I’ve never even considered what to name it.

Calling it “Ambrose and Elsie” sounds way too much like a romance novel with flourishy pink script on the cover. Not hating on those romance novels. It’s just I’ve never visualized my story with that sort of cover.

I’ve given it some consideration and I like the title “How To Domesticate A Vampire”, because that is basically what it’s about. Ambrose starts the story with such an awful, almost uncivilized attitude. He wants what he wants when he wants it and who cares about what anyone else wants. As the story goes on, he falls in love and falls into all manner of misadventures, which change him for the better. He becomes someone capable of caring about someone else’s needs before his own.

My only problem with that title is it sounds kind of like a YA novel. Nothing wrong with YA, but I’m not sure if my story would fall into that range based on the characters’ ages.

:/    :/   :/   :/

I might have to think about it some more.



15 thoughts on “Writing About…Titles?

  1. This is one of those things that take a little time. I make lists of “potentials” until something feels right. For all of my books, they have a significant meaning to the story. It’s often a phrase that holds meaning in more than one aspect of the story. It felt right to continue it. With the spinoff series, it was a little more thematic than a phrase. So for Home, it was about finding your place with a family, whether they’re blood or not. The next one, Stronger Than Blood, is a similar theme, but it’s more in line with a vampire tale. Blood ties don’t define who you are or what you become. Some bonds are stronger than that. So, maybe try thinking about it another way. What’s the core of the story — the thing that began the entire concept. For my main series, the core was the connection between Aisling and Connor. I would have sacrificed everything else about the story if I couldn’t keep that core intact. So what is the core for yours? The evolution of the characters? Was it all just Ambrose? Maybe these thoughts will help you. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful response.

      Initially, the story was completely centered on Ambrose and Elsie, but then these other characters kind of slipped into the group. I considered cutting Robin and Isellta out of the story, but then I realized that Isellta’s teleportation powers may come in handy later on. I’m still concerned about Robin though. I keep thinking that it would be interesting to kill him off to see how Isellta would react. (I know. I’m so awful! 😆 ) So, fair warning: It might happen. Mwahahaha!

      Thinking about the other characters’ story arcs, I can see that each character pairing is struggling to break free of some painful past/trauma.

      Ambrose has Elsie/Mark Caten and his overall selfish attitude.
      Elsie has Ambrose.
      Hildreth has the loss of his parents/Master Initskay.
      Barbara has the whole dealing with Elsie + Ambrose stress.
      Raven has May Rose Farlington.
      Missy has The Institute.
      Robin has Olessa/knowing that Isellta was Olessa’s minion.
      And poor Isellta has his unfey-like feelings. (I really do feel bad for him. 😦 I don’t know if he’ll ever figure things out. I want to give him a cookie or something. Poor thing.)

      So, I guess the core of my story would be letting go and memories. The keeping of memories. What memories one can forget after being alive for so many years.

      Hm. That gives me a lot to think about.

      Thank you again for your thoughts on this. 😀

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  2. I like what you suggested. Granted I just started the story myself, but the title reminds me of some self help book title. Though Sarah’s suggest works really well too. Good Luck!

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