Daily Prompt: Elixir Of…

Bob bought the elixir at a really cheap price.

At least that’s what the man selling it had said. “A real cheap price, sir! A veritable steal!” He had sounded so convincing. It just had to be true.

Everything about it just had to be true.

Bob took the elixir home and set it on the kitchen table. He sat down and stared at it.

Ruby fluid in a flute-shaped crystal bottle.

It was very pretty.

He picked it up.

“I should sniff it. Make sure it smells okay. Never can tell a thing’s scent by a thing’s look.”

He put it on the kitchen counter.

He stared at it.

“Supposing it works, what will I do then?”

“Supposing it doesn’t work, what will I do then?”

He picked it up and put it on the stove.

He stared at it.

“You know, it could be poison. It is very red. Poison is always red. But who would want to poison me?”

He put it near the sink.

He stared at it.

“But anyway, if someone wanted to go through the hassle and trouble of poisoning me, this sure seems like the hard way to go about it. There’s a lot of leaving stuff up to chance. It can’t be poison. It is an elixir. Elixirs can’t be poison. It’s the truth. It is how things are. And if it is an elixir of love, it really can’t be poison. That would be false advertising of the highest order.”

He picked it up.

He thought about all of the women who had rebuffed him.

He thought about Jane. Lovely, spirited Jane who wouldn’t give him a Hello or a Goodbye if he asked for it.

He uncorked the bottle.

He set it on the table.

He thought about the odds of it being poison versus being a true elixir of love.

They were pretty much even.

He picked up the bottle and sniffed it.

“Smells like marshmallow cupcakes sitting in the sun. That definitely can’t be poison.”

He raised the bottle to the light.

It shined a warm, generous shine.

“Poison wouldn’t look like that.”

Bob put the bottle to his lips.

“This is probably a very bad idea.”

“I’ll probably regret it.”

“It probably won’t even work.”

He tipped the drink into his mouth.

It ran down his throat and spread a gentle warmth throughout his body.

He smiled a broad, happy smile.

He loved everything.


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