Daily Prompt: Denial and Truth

He’s going to call me today. Because he said he would. Because he promised.

Because he never keeps his promises.

I can’t wait to hear his voice again.

I’m sure he can’t wait to hear mine. Because we’re so in love. Because I’m his only girl.

Because he isn’t faithful.

We’ll talk about things.

Big things. Little things. Sad things. Happy things. News things. Old things.

He’ll yell at me to mind my own business.

I’ll ask him when he’s coming back. Because I miss him. Because I love him.

Because he doesn’t care.

He’ll tell me maybe a week. Maybe a day. Maybe he’ll surprise me at work. I’ll laugh.

He’ll tell me whenever he feels like it.

If I’m lucky.

He’ll tell me that he needs his freedom. He needs space to breathe. I’m too smothering. I’m keeping him from reaching his potential. I’m a roadblock to his success. A tree stump. Why don’t I get a life?


I can’t wait to hear his voice again.

Maybe he’ll call me today.



via Daily Prompt: Denial


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