Daily Prompt: A Touch Of Her Perfume

A touch of her rosemary and mint perfume lingers in the air. Sometimes I smell it. Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes it catches me when I’m lost in a good book. It passes by as if she is there, walking from one side of the room to the other.

Sometimes I catch it when I’m in the shower. I pull back the curtain, expecting and hoping to see her reflection in the mirror.

Sometimes it overpowers the scent of my food.

Every time I smell it, I miss her more.

I could leave this house and move away. Leave her perfume and all of those memories far behind.

That is what I think late at night, when her scent is missing. When I miss her the most.

Then, I wake.

The touch of her rosemary and mint perfume wakes with me.

And so I stay.



via Daily Prompt: Perfume


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