Writing About…Guilty Pleasure #312

Okay. I apologize in advance to my niece who likes to eavesdrop on this blog. This post is going to be about Hamilton the musical. Sorry, hon. Love you twelve thousand lots!

So, when Hamilton came out and was all the red-hot rage, I heard that it was a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton. And I was like….Oh. Hip-hop. Hip-hop = rap? Meh. Not interested.

Then, recently I happened to stumble across one of the songs from the musical. Not even sure how. I don’t think I was actively looking it up. It just sort of popped up out of nowhere and I listened to it.

The music, lyrics, and just sheer emotion in the song spoke to me. So, I “accidently” stumbled across a couple of the other songs and they sort of cemented themselves into my head.

So, yeah.

I bought the cd.  😆   And it is awesome.  The songs are beautiful little earworms. (I’m looking at you in particular “It’s Quiet Uptown”.)  The last two songs are breathtaking.

The musical feels like the second half of the musical “1776”. Especially in how very human these historic characters are portrayed.

All of the performers are awesome. There aren’t any Audra McDonalds or big names like that in it, but man alive! Do they rock it out!

There is a bit of strong language in it here and there, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. All in all, Hamilton is just awesome. (Sorry, Sash!  😆   )



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