Dreams And A Landscape

Author’s Note: This was inspired by Sarah Doughty’s poem “Dreaming”.

Helena sat quietly on her bed and contemplated her life. She saw it as a landscape, full of valleys and gorges and very few mountains.

The gorges were deep and dark.

The valleys were arid lands.

There never was enough sunlight. The moon was never full. It stayed shaded in the new phase.

She found none of these thoughts to be all that uplifting.

Amazingly enough.

The people who cared about her told her to always chase her dreams.

But what if her dreams were nightmares and they wanted to chase her instead?

And they were indeed nightmares.

Nightmares of deep maroon and unexplained fears and not being able to run fast enough from the vicious darkness behind her.

And they were every night.

The bathroom light shut off and he entered the room.

She looked up at him and smiled.

He stood in her landscape.

An oasis in the arid valleys.



More than enough light to brighten up the gorges.

And he would be there to help her find good dreams to chase.

Every night.




9 thoughts on “Dreams And A Landscape

    1. Thank you! Funny thing is, I originally wrote it as “her” gorges. But my Internal Editor kept mumbling that it sounded a bit too perverse. 😆 So, I changed the “her” to “the” and my Internal Editor was happy.

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