Writing About….Nerves

All the way back in 2012, I was having bad intestinal problems. After a whole lot of testing and generalized feelings of horribleness, I had a CT scan done early 2013 which found the reason for my problems: neuroendocrine tumors in my intestine and on my liver.

I honestly wasn’t too freaked out when the doctors gave me the diagnosis. I’d already added up my symptoms and they equaled cancer in my head. I was like “Okay. Now, what do we do?”

They did surgery. I never had to do chemotherapy or radiation, because this kind of cancer just doesn’t respond to it. I did have to undergo like months of Octreotide shots and follow-up CT scans to keep an eye on how things were looking.

My CT scans came back with lovely, good, nothing new results.

Until my most recent one last month. They found a few new spots on my liver. I had a MRI done to better assess the situation. There were about four spots that they were able to measure – the biggest being 1.1cm x 0.9 cm – and a whole fleet of much smaller ones.

Anyway, I’m going in to see my surgeon tomorrow to see what the Battle Plan is. I’m kind of nervous, but I’m focusing on the positive. There weren’t any spots in my lungs, heart, etc., which is a big positive. I spoke to my oncologist and he said that there are other ways that they could take care of it. It may not necessarily require surgery – another positive thought.

So, I get off of work tomorrow at 1:00 and I head straight on over to my appointment. And then. We’ll see what happens next.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing About….Nerves

        1. I went to the appointment and we all came to the conclusion that surgical ablation is the best way to go about it. Their office is going to call me later this week, probably on Friday, to set up the appointment date and time.

          The alternative was waiting 6 months and getting another MRI done to see how things look. I considered that possibility, but it felt like delaying the inevitable.

          So! Now that I have my Battle Plan, I can worry about how the surgery will go. 😀 But I’m hoping for the best.

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