Writing About…Battle Plan!

So, I saw my surgeon the other day and he gave me the whole low down about all of my options. Main two were: Microwave ablation surgery to remove as many spots on my liver as they can or Waiting six months and getting another MRI done to see if any of them have grown.

I thought it over and my wimpier side of my brain was all about waiting the six months. But I figured there’s a possibility that I might need surgery at that point or some other point in the future.

So, I decided to go with the surgery. I’m so nervous, but I know it’s the right choice.

I spoke to the surgeon’s nurse and she gave me the option of getting the surgery done on July 19 or August 30. I chose August 30, because I felt like July 19 would come so quickly I don’t even know how my work would get all my shifts covered in time.

So! That’s were things stand at this point in time. Battle Plan safely in hand. Nerves completely Jello. And I say…Bring it on!  🙂


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