Writing About…Misunderstandings

Have you ever seen the title for a movie and made vast assumptions about what it was going to be about?

I have.

There’s a movie coming out called “The Disaster Artist”. I haven’t read up on it. Haven’t watched the trailers. No clue what it was really about.

Based on the title alone, I assumed it was about the following:

It’s the early 1930’s. A man moves into a rural Irish town with nothing but the clothes on his back. No car. No suitcase. Just himself, his clothes, and his walking stick. He is known as The Disaster Artist, because he is an artist who creates works of art from scraps of wood and metal that he finds at disaster sites.Β  He is young, handsome, eccentric, and so all that, but he is unable to stay in a steady relationship due to his debilitating eccentricities.

Until…he meets the one whoΒ can love him as he is. The one who can make him stay.

Needless to say, it was not about that.

It’s actually based on a book of the same title, about the making ofΒ  the Tommy Wiseau film “The Room”. And the Franco brothers are playing the main male leads. And there’s a whole slew of other big name actors in it.

I was totally confused and mind-blown. Like, I had no idea that enough people in Hollywood were aware of that movie to want to make a movie about the making of that movie.

Just so weird.

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