He and She

“I’m sorry I ever fell in love with you!”

The words hung in the air between them – dense and heavy, like a brocade tapestry.

He stared at her. His mouth was open. His eyes reflecting his hurt and shock.

The argument was officially over and so was everything else.

She opened her mouth to apologize.

He walked away.

She closed her mouth and turned away.


Days came.

Years passed.

And they stayed out of each other’s way.

He avoided the Starbucks that she always went to.

She avoided the bookstore he loved.

There were no phone calls.

No letters.

No text messages.

And so they lived.


Once she saw him at the grocery store.

Once he saw her at the movie theater.

She wanted to run to him.

He wanted to beg her to take him back.

But she did not.

And he did not.



One day came.

And he returned to the Starbucks that she always went to.

And she returned to the bookstore that he loved.

Somewhere in between, they found each other.

He said, “I love you. I never stopped.”

She said, “I’m sorry.”

And she knelt before him.

“Can we please start again?”

He knelt before her and whispered, “If you will have me again.”

She whispered, “I will.”


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