Writing About….My Interior Editor

My Interior Editor dresses in a simple suit, nothing fancy or expensive. He wears a pair of hand-me-down glasses that are slightly loose on him. He pushes them up the bridge of his nose when he’s being emphatic about certain plot points.

He generally sits in his corner with an enormous bag of Reeses peanut butter cups. He doesn’t believe in miniature Reeses, Reeses Pieces, White Reeses, Dark Chocolate Reeses, or any other special Reeses candy. It can only be the original Reeses peanut butter cups or nothing. But having nothing to munch on makes him belligerent. So, I have to keep him well stocked.

Anyway, he sits in his corner with his big bag of candy and watches me type. If he likes what I’m typing, he’ll munch on his chocolate and make no comments. At the very most, he’ll nod his head.

If he doesn’t like it, however, he will put down his bag of Reeses and make quiet, nagging complaints.

Sometimes he’ll encourage my characters to do the complaining for him. Like if I have Character A saying or doing something that he wouldn’t say or do, he’ll have one of the other characters speak up and say something like “What’s your problem? You aren’t acting like yourself.” At which point, I’m like “Oh yeah. Character A really isn’t acting like himself.” and I have to fix it.

If I don’t fix what he points out, he’ll elbow me and mutter about its wrongness with every re-read. Until I finally give in and fix it.

On a side note: I’m not fully sure why my Interior Editor is a guy. He just came as is. His gender was something out of my control. He never was a girl and he never will be a girl. Just like how he has no Peter, Paul, James, ordinary name. His name is Interior Editor and he is who he is.

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