Daily Post – Undulate

to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternation of movement.
A strange word.

to have a wavy form or surface; bend with successive curves in alternate directions.
Not an average every day, every night word.

(of a sound) to rise and fall in pitch.
Not a 9-5 kind of word.

verb (used with object), undulated undulating.
Not a word you’ll run into in a bar.

to cause to move in waves.
Not a word you’ll find in the newspaper on a regular basis.

to give a wavy form to.
It is a strange word.

Also undulated. having a wavelike or rippled form, surface edge, etc.; wavy.
It is a word of magic and dreams.

It is a word that fairies whisper.
It is a word that creates sparks.

It is a word that belongs to the waves and the water.
It is a word that moves in slippery lines.

It is a word.

A noun.

A verb.

An adjective.

It is a most unusual word.



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