Bloodthirsty Blazing

Author’s Note: Now for something completely different.  😉

Bloodthirsty Blazing stood on the hill overlooking the town. His long scarf blew in the wind. He readjusted it to cover his nose and mouth. He squashed his crimson fedora onto his flame-colored hair before his hat could blow away again.

It would only be the hundredth time that night.

He watched the town below.

Such a sleepy, little place.

Nothing ever happened there.

But it was his job to watch over it and keep it safe.

A pale woman approached him. Rubies decorated the cuffs and hem of her floor-length white gown. “What good do you really think you can do all the way over here?” Her voice was a tempting purr.

He pulled out his old-fashioned binoculars and continued to watch the town.

“If trouble comes knocking, you won’t be able to stop it in time. You know this, Blazing darling.”

He did a slow pan with the binoculars.

“You should move closer. No point in sitting all the way over here. It’s too far.”

He focused on a rattling garbage can. A raccoon scrabbled out and scurried away.

“Blazing. Love, why don’t you speak to me? Don’t you like me? It isn’t nice to ignore a lady. Blazing, please. Just look at me. For one second.”

He frowned.

The raccoon was long gone, but the garbage can was still rattling.

This can’t be good. he thought.

The can went still.

Dark shadows spilled out, like soup escaping a boiling pot.

He pulled out his flaming sword. In less than a heartbeat, he was down by the garbage can. His sword flared bright in the darkness.

The shadows shrieked as he sliced through them, banishing them back to their homeland.

Soon enough, the shadows were gone.

Not another one in sight.

Bloodthirsty Blazing put his sword away.

And just like that! He was back up on the hillside, watching his town. He readjusted his fedora and scarf.

The pale woman scowled at him. “Look at you. Always so obedient to the Master. He tells you to sit up here. You sit up here. He tells you to ignore my voice. You ignore my voice. He tells up to protect that worthless speck of a town. You protect that worthless speck of a town. You never question him. You never think for yourself. You never do what you want to do.”

He bit down on his lower lip. There was so much he wanted to say to all that, but he thought about the Master. He released his lip and smiled.

“One of these days, I will get the better of you. I will make you talk. I will make you disobey. Then, you’ll belong to me. You’ll be one of my black shadows, scurrying about at my every command. I will command you. Just you wait.”

He pulled out his leather-bound binoculars and watched the town. He knew when she left, but he did not acknowledge it.

He watched his town all night.


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