Don’t Mind Me, Spacing Out Over Here

Irinika, the bounty hunter, stood in the shadows of the old legislature building. The building was presently known as something else, but it would always be the old legislature building to her.

She was simply dressed, nothing flashy, nothing that particularly made pointing gestures while shouting “I AM A DANGEROUS BOUNTY HUNTER! LOOK AT ME! HEAR ME ROAR!” Her clothes were comfortable, designed to run easily in. Not too baggy, but not skin tight.

She had tried the skin tight look when she was younger and wilder.

She had vowed to never make that mistake again.

Nowadays, people saw her, but failed to really notice her. She was not beautiful, nor was she all that attractive. Which was fine with her. An attractive bounty hunter was almost always a dead bounty hunter.

She leaned against a shadowed pillar and watched for her mark.

The doubts that had haunted her all day resumed their haunting streak. Once more, she contemplated the twists and turns of her life.

Of the lives she had ended.

When she was younger, she had gloried in her successes and the praises lavished on her. That had been everything to her. It had been her light.

Now, in the darkness of the shadows, the darkness of the night, in the darkness of her doubts, she saw the truth of it all.

She had killed people.

No doubts.

No hesitation.

She had ended lives.

Irinika leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

She saw all of those lives spread out on a spreadsheet, on an expansive family tree. Names. People. Connected to other names and other people. Families. Friends. Companions. Children. Parents. Life lines.

Lines that she had snipped short.

Lives that she had ended.

She opened her eyes.

“I can’t go on like this.”

Her mark made his grand appearance. He rushed down the marble stairs.

“This will end tonight.” Irinika sighed and pulled out her sniper gun. “But first thing’s first.”

She aimed at her target…


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