Filaments of Frustration

Galaxy filaments are the largest known structures in the universe. They form the boundaries between the various galaxies in the universe. They keep the Spiral Galaxy from ramming into the Milky Way Galaxy.

Galaxy filaments keep every galaxy calm and in order, no matter what.

But it isn’t easy work.

Not when you have so many egos going on.

Andromeda had a major princess/diva thing going on. Always demanding that someone bring her the Rose Galaxy because she was a princess and she needed a rose.

Rose Galaxy resented Andromeda’s objectifying her. “I am as much a person as you.”

Andromeda shook some extra stars out of her hair. “Not likely, love. I am a princess. Everyone knows this.”

Rose picked up a black hole and made ready to throw it at Andromeda.

The filaments rushed in and pulled Rose away.

“What? She started it!”

The filaments gently pried the black hole from her and put it back in its assigned spot – 30,000 light years from Pluto.

Andromeda preened. “Oh, look. I win again.”

Rose screamed and tried to rush back at her.

But the filaments were too strong.

“I’ll get you one of these days!”

“Mmm. Good luck on that one, darling.”

Ghost Nebula drifted onto the scene, moaning and groaning.

The filaments didn’t give it a chance to create any mayhem. They scooped it up and returned it to its proper place in the universe.

“paaarrrty crrraaaaaaasher….” the Ghost Nebula wailed.

The filaments stood ready and waiting for the next disaster to strike.

There was always a disaster waiting to strike.

It was an exciting life, but it was also draining and exhausting.

Then, before the filaments could lose themselves in too much meditating, the Kraken Nebula and Dragon Nebula started to spar over the Rotten Egg Nebula.

Then, the Cartwheel Galaxy tumbled onto the scene, further enraging the Kraken.

The filaments threatened to break them all apart if they didn’t knock it all off.

The Kraken snorted stardust at the filaments and glided away.

The Dragon started to fly after the Kraken, but the filaments stopped it cold and pushed it back.

The Cartwheel Galaxy was put into a time-out before being returned to its spot.

And so the endless night went on.

Always a fight to stop.

Always some nonsense to break up.

The filaments longed for some moments of down time, but they knew what would happen.

All of the galaxies and nebulas and star systems would tear each other apart in less than a parsec.

They had to always be on the watch.

And so they were.

From the moment of their creation, they were assigned to keep the universe in its rightful order.

And so they did.

Even if it was exhausting and draining and frustrating.


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3 thoughts on “Filaments of Frustration

  1. Thank you so much!

    I was looking up the word filaments to see what I could do with it. And I saw the phrase galaxy filaments come up. I read the definition of that and I was like “Ooo. I can work with this.” 😆 And I may have borrowed a touch of inspiration from Diana Wynne Jones’ “Dogsbody” story.


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