Meet You Later…

I first saw Jeannie
And no one else did.

Her hair was warmed brown.
Her eyes were like cherrywood.

She was small for her age.
Her age wasn’t very big.

She smiled at me and said,
“It isn’t time yet.”
“Meet you later….”

And Jeannie ran away.

Second time…
I saw Jeannie
In the old pear orchard.

Her hair was bound tight
In warmed brown plaits.

She was taller than before.
But her age was still too small.

She smiled at me
As I held out my hand.
She shook her head.
“No. Not yet.”
“Meet me later…”

And she ran away.

Days came.
Days left.
Todays turned into yesterdays.

Jeannie didn’t come.
The next day came
But Jeannie didn’t come.

I went on with my days
But she resided in warm colors
Inside my mind.
There was something about her.
Something odd.
Something that may or may not
Be all that benign.

I didn’t know if
I should look forward to
Her next appearance.

I tried not to.
I pushed her away.
Out of my thoughts.
Out of my mind.

That’s when she reappeared
In my life.
In an old mansion’s flower garden.

Her warmed brown hair
No longer hung straight
In plaits.
It sat piled soft and fragrant
On top of her head.

Her cherrywood eyes appraised me
Weren’t disappointed in me.
Were almost enchanted with me.

Her height was just right
And her age was even better.

“Is it time?” I asked.

She smiled.
And it wasn’t a child’s smile.
It was something more mature.
It was something altogether more grownup.

“We are so close.”
“Meet me later
At the flux capacitor.”
“Then, you will have a choice
To make.
And you will get only one chance.”

“I will see you then.”
I promised her.
It was a wild promise.
It was a thoughtless promise.

I hadn’t even asked her
For a date or a time.

But she smiled at me
With that smile
That was no longer that
Of a child.
“Then. I will see you later
At the flux capacitor.”

She ran away
And she was gone.

I staked out the giant statue
Of the original flux capacitor
In the park.

I spent all of my time there.
Waiting for her.
Watching for her.
Knowing that she would come
In time.

It was all a matter of time.
And she would come.

The right time
The right moment
Finally arrived.
And she came.
Jeannie finally came.

She was now much closer to my age.
Perhaps a little younger.
Perhaps a little older.
It was hard to be certain.

But that didn’t matter.
None of that mattered.
Jeannie had kept her word
And she stood before me.

“I am a time traveler.”
“I travel through time
At many different ages.”
“Sometimes I am a child.”
“Sometimes I am an adult.”

“I see.” I said.
It seemed to be
The safest and sanest
Thing to say.

“I have been on adventures
I have seen many worlds.”

“I see.”

“I have grown lonely.
I long for a companion
To share
My travels and escapades.”

“Oh. I see.”
I was starting to see
A whole lot clearer.

“You are
A solid and reliable man.
I can depend on you.
I know it.
Will you come with me?
Fair warning, you get only one answer.
Simple rules.”

I thought about it.
I thought it over.
I debated it back and forth
Pros and cons.
Bravery and cowardice.
Adventure forth!
Or stay home.

Only one answer.
Only one response.
So, obviously no questions asked.

It was risky.
It was insane.
It would surely lead to my death.
Or worse.
Somehow it could lead
To something worse than death.

But I stepped forward.
And I held out my hand.
“I’ll do it.
I’ll come with you.”

She grabbed my hand.

And we disappeared together.


April Writing Prompts

4 thoughts on “Meet You Later…

    1. Thank you so much! It would be a lot of fun and an interesting challenge to expand this into a full novel. I’ve never written a long story quite like this one. But I will definitely think about it. πŸ˜€

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