The nanobytes flew in a joyful, gleeful swarm. They spiraled into DNA matrixes and dived into the shapes of birds and dolphins and engorged baobab trees.

Each nano held a song inside. A song that could only be sung in a chorus of shapes and forms. For they had no mouths, no voices. Just a deep joy that needed to be expressed in the only way they knew.

So, they took on the form of landscapes and leaping waterfalls. There was no questioning about what form to take on. There was just a common understanding. What one decided they all decided simultaneously.

And they all stayed together. For they knew that a single nano could not survive on its own. They all needed each other to survive. A single nano would fade into a dust mote to be blown away with the morning mist.

And so they spent the day in exuberant joy.

Night fell and they returned to their home – an old wasp nest inside the abandoned laboratory.

It was their home inside their first home.

No one bothered them.

No one disturbed them.

Not anymore.

And they all slept well.


April Writing Prompts

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