Platinum Plutonium

Platinum Plutonium sat in my office chair.
I didn’t like her.
I didn’t like seeing her there.
But I tried to be polite.
I tried to be nice.

Even though
Platinum Plutonium was sitting
In my office chair.

“How can I help you?”
“How is your day?”
“Oh, look. Here is a chair for you.”
“Come and sit here please.”

Platinum Plutonium pulled a long hair
Out of her eyebrows and sucked on it.
“Sorry, bub. But I’m all comfortable here.”

“You should sit here.”
“This chair is brand new.”
“See how it glistens?”
“Oh, see how it shines?”

“Yep. That’s nice, bub.
So, have a seat.”

That was not my intent.
But I sat in the seat
That was not my office chair.

“I just wanted to tell you, bub.
I’m taking over this office
Your job.
Even your house.”

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Don’t get all upset, bub.
This is my thing.
This is what I do.
Hope you find a better life.
I’ll have a better life as you.”

I pulled my wits together
And managed not to scream.
“I don’t care if it is your thing.”
“I want you out of my office
Out of my office chair.
Out of my life.”

She pulled the long hair out of her mouth.
“Do you really think that
It will be that easy?
You seem to forget that I am smart.
I have managed to make
Stealing identities a
Veritable work of art.”

“That could be.”
“That may be so.”
“But you are not stealing my identity.”
“Just so you know.”

“But I have already done so, bub.
Look at me and see.
I am already you.
And you, bub, are nothing.”

Indeed, she had my look
My desk
My face.
My office chair.

There had to be a way to stop her.
I would find a way to stop her.
And I would find my way back
Into my life
My job
My world
My office chair.


April Writing Prompts

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