The Doorway To Impossibility

“Why! It is all nonsense, of course.” The girl with the long blonde hair folded her arms across her white pinafore. “Who had ever heard of such a thing?”

The white rabbit hopped impatiently. “We haven’t time for this, my dear. Just jump into the hole.”

“Certainly not! My new pinafore will become quite dirty and my sister will become quite cross with me.”

“But but but but but but this is urgent! Urgent business! If you do not come, the Red Queen will—”

“Red Queen? Surely, you can’t mean that there is a queen in that nasty hole?”

He hopped again, which dislodged his pocketwatch from his tidy green and gold waistcoat. “Of course, there’s a queen in there! Two of them!”

“Two of them? Well, that hardly seems likely. What kind of place would have two Queens?”

“Come with me and find out.”

“Hardly likely. That is how girls get kidnapped and killed and other nasty things. I am sorry, Mr. Rabbit. You are quite fantastical and all, but I simply cannot come with you.”

He stopped his anxious hopping to reset his pocketwatch. “I suppose you are happy in this world of predictable rules and behaviors and such.”


He shook his pocketwatch with fierce energy before stuffing it back into his pocket. “Have you never wanted to see what life is like outside of that world?”

She opened her mouth to answer him.

But he kept on going. “My world…It is a wonderland. A place of fantasies beyond your wildest imaginings.”

“I wouldn’t know about that. My imaginings are never wild.”

He hopped in place again. “All the more reason to follow me.”

“Into a rabbit hole.” She said it very pointedly as if he were asking her to enter a strange carriage.

“It is not a rabbit hole, my dear. It is a doorway to impossibilities and nonsense and wonderment. But it will only be here for the next forty-five and three-quarter minutes. You must decide.”

“I thought I had decided and made that quite plain.”

He twitched his nose.

“Is there a way out of there?”

“Of course! It is the doorway to predictability and sense and stalemated imaginations.”

She nodded in approval. “Good. As long as there is a way out.” She jumped down the hole.

The rabbit hopped in place again. “Oh, dear! I forgot to tell her that she’ll have to search for that doorway and it is not easy to find.” He checked his pocketwatch again. “Oh, well. She’ll figure it out. I’m sure.”

April Writing Prompts

4 thoughts on “The Doorway To Impossibility

    1. Thank you!

      I actually started this story last month for one of the March prompts, but it kind of stalled out and I wasn’t sure how to finish it. But I liked what I had written up to that point. So, I just let it sit in Draft mode. Then, I saw this prompt and it felt like a good fit/reason to finish it. 😀

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