A River Of Fortitude

A river of fortitude flowed through her, though she was just a small thing. It flowed through her blood and up into her heart and brain. When she was a baby, she was aware of it, but she never thought that she would ever need it. Her parents would always be there to protect her.

But one cannot stay a baby forever. And one’s parents cannot always be there to fight the fight.

She relied on that river of fortitude when so many things went wrong in her life. When friends insulted and betrayed her. When the one she loved made demands of her. No matter what, she would dig deep and that river would be there. To protect her. To enable her to stand up for what she believed in. To stand up for herself. To help her through every hard day.

Years passed as they will always do. And when her first child was born, she held that child close and whispered, “A river of fortitude flows through you, little one.” She kissed her baby’s head. “Just like it flows through me.”

June Writing Prompts

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